This week in 2007: John Howard’s voter troubles, and life before iPhones

While Jennifer Aniston was confirming that, yes, she’d had a nose job, and veteran magazine publisher Hugh Hefner chose one of his three young girlfriends to finally settle down with (not the person he’s married to now, it scarcely needs to be said), the world was setting course for some pretty big wake up calls in 2007.

The first major reports into climate change, along with warnings from the United Nations, hit our desks, there was a looming global financial crisis on the horizon (more on that later in the year), and Ron and Hermione finally got it together!

Over at SmartCompany we were reporting that John Howard was losing the SME vote (well, everyone’s vote as it happened), and predicting that pretty soon the mobile telecommunications industry would be transformed by new technologies and new players. Pretty much the understatement of the year, when you consider the iPhone was only four months away.

A minute’s silence for the Blackberry please folks … Okay, moving on.

Speaking for myself, I was getting ready to launch my very own column on the new SmartCompany site. Looking back to 2007 it’s extraordinary how little news and information was out there for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Australia.

How did you all manage to do so well without me?!

Tune in next week for some more SmartDecade flashbacks. I’m off to the tennis.

Be Smart,

Aunty B


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