Ebook: Get connected with customers: Insights from sales professionals

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SmartCompany-Citrix-BRC-Cover-Cold-Calling-Still-RelevantCold Calling – Still Relevant?

If you want to remain competitive in the marketplace, there’s no avoiding it – cold calling remains a crucial method for acquiring new customers. Learn how to target your audience, improve customer communication and generate those leads.

SmartCompany-Citrix-BRC-Cover-How-to-close-the-sale-fasterPresenteeism – The Cost Of Going To Work When Sick

Presenteeism – the problem of your employees going to work while ill. If your staff is not fully functioning, this can greatly cut individual productivity making it a much costlier problem than absenteeism. Explore this infographic to learn about the potential impacts on your business.

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What’s holding your business back? Is it poor customer relationships, employee dissatisfaction or a lack of sales leads? As an SME it’s vital you identify any shortcomings. This free business resource will equip you with ideas for boosting sales and growth, as well as employee productivity.

These resources from CITRIX will explore:

  • Improving lead generation via cold calling;
  • Presenteeism – an understanding of the costs of going to work while sick;
  • Lead acquisition tools, and more.

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