Ebook: The definitive guide to hiring employees for small and medium businesses

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Hiring a person who doesn’t meet your expectations is a cost most small businesses can’t afford. On top of the expense of finding and training a replacement, the repercussions can be significant, including reduced team performance, decreased morale and increased employee turnover. Someone whose performance isn’t up to par might be relatively easy to recover from in a larger organisation, but that’s not the case for smaller businesses.

This business resource from Revelian, looks at some of the mistakes SMEs commonly make when recruiting new people, so you can avoid making the same errors yourself.

Download this resource and learn about:

  • Steps for a successful hiring process;
  • How to write an effective job description;
  • How to source candidates and screen applications;
  • Making offers and rejecting candidates;
  • Onboarding, and much more.

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