NSW opposition proposes small business commissioner

The NSW state opposition has proposed to install a small business commissioner should it win power.


The Liberal and National coalition said it would ape the “highly successful Victorian model” by appointing a commissioner to give a permanent voice to start-ups in government.


The state coalition also plans to cut red tape with a ‘one on, two off’ rule, which means that for every new business regulation introduced, two would be axed.


Other coalition proposals include analysing all regulations to measure the risk to small firms and forcing NSW government agencies to pay bills within 30 days.


The plans, if implemented, will see NSW follow Victoria by having a small business commissioner. Victoria established this post in 2003.


Small business groups have previously voiced their displeasure that a federal small business ombudsman hasn’t been established, as well as a cabinet seat for the small business minister at national level.


“The NSW Liberals and Nationals understand that small business is the backbone of the NSW economy,” says Barry O’Farrell, NSW opposition leader.


“We also understand that to make NSW number one again, small business need to have the confidence to invest, grow and employ more people.”


“That’s why we’re looking to get off the back of small business and out of their pocket through this positive, practical action plan.”


“Based on the highly successful Victorian model, our small business commissioner will have real power, advocate on behalf of small and medium enterprises and help resolve disputes between SMEs and government agencies.”


“The commissioner will report directly to the Minister and provide reports to parliament recommending how to improve the business climate for small businesses.”


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