THE NEWS WRAP: Julia Gillard promises cut in the company tax rate

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has used its investigative powers into individuals and businesses 18,625 times over the past three years, it has been revealed.


The corporate regulator, which has the power to force companies to produce information to ensure they are not breaking the law, launched action an average of 26 times each working day.


Liberal senator David Bushby, who requested the information from ASIC, questioned whether the regulator needed to instigate so many probes into the dealings of businesses.


Government makes contractor tax promise


Small businesses have been assured by assistant treasurer Bill Shorten that there will be no changes to tax rules for independent contractors.


Shorten told the Australian Financial Review that he had no plans to change the tax rules but added that he wanted to crack down on “sham contractors”.


‘Help on its way’ for small firms


Julia Gillard has promised small businesses that tax relief is on the way with a cut in the company tax rate. The Prime Minister, speaking at the Queensland Media Club, said that the reduction of company tax from 30% to 29% in 2012/13 will boost small firms caught up in Australia’s multi-speed economy.




US stocks hit a fresh, five-month high and the Australian dollar was also up, hitting US98.64 cents. 


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