THE NEWS WRAP: Nothing lazy about Slack’s $US120 million funding round

Slack, an enterprise collaboration platform, announced it has closed a $US120 million ($A137.3 million) round of funding.


The capital round values the company at $1.12 billion, shortly after the startup pivoted from an earlier incarnation as a games company called Tiny Speck. It’s an incredible growth in valuation in the first eight months of its new product’s launch.


According to TechCrunch, while such valuations might look like a bubble, it actually represents a fundamental change in the way venture capitalists perceive investments.

Tinder users open app on average 11 times per day

Dating app Tinder is rapidly approaching 50 million users, The New York Times reports.


And those users are engaged. The startup says on average people log into the app 11 times a day. Women spend as much as 8.5 minutes finding matches during a single session, while men spend around 7.2 minutes.


That equates to almost 90 minutes on Tinder per day.

How can the tech industry get more girls to code?

Journalism academic Jay Rosen interviews his 17-year-old daughter in an effort to find out why she’s not that into coding.


The answer, as it turns out, is partially her digitally aware father’s fault.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 195.10 to 17,390.52. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US87 cents.


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