THE NEWS WRAP: Pay users to watch ads? That’s Tsu’s business model

Social network startup Tsu believes it has a platform that will get its users excited about seeing advertisements, Re/code reports.


The startup launched this week, with a $US7 million ($A8 million) investment led by Sancus Capital. It’s splitting its ad revenue with users: Paying them for actively posting on the platform and for inviting their friends to join.


Tsu only takes 10% of the ad revenue it generates, passing 90% back to users. The revenue it generates is distributed to users according to how many organic post-views they get during a 24 hour period. The more views and engagement a user generates, the more that user gets paid.

Former Microsoft exec Bob Muglia raises $26 million for data warehousing startup

Microsoft veteran Bob Muglia, who left the company in 2011 after 23 years, is now chief executive officer of Snowflake, a data warehousing startup that has raised $US26 ($AU30 million) in funding.


“There has been shockingly little innovation in data warehousing in a decade,” Muglia says.


“That creates a huge and largely unaddressed market opportunity – to create a data warehouse designed for the data, analytics, and technology innovations of today and tomorrow.”

Uber “hot chick”

Uber’s Lyon, France office unveiled a sexist promotion this week with an app called “Avions de Chasse”, BuzzFeed reports.


The deal pairs Uber passengers with “hot chick” drivers. “It’s going to be the most beautiful thing on Earth”, the post says.


Uber deleted the post after a BuzzFeed inquiry.


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