THE NEWS WRAP: Swan warns Rinehart over possible editorial influence

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has hit out at Gina Rinehart over concerns that she will attempt to influence the editorial content of Fairfax publications.


Swan said the mining magnate’s push for board seats at Fairfax without agreeing to the company’s charter of editorial independence raised “concerns about public debate.”


Aussie staff missing out on career coaching


One in four Australian staff have never received career coaching because their boss is too busy concentrating on his or her business, according to new research.


The Robert Half survey found that just 16% of employees received career coaching once a year, despite an overwhelming number feeling that such training would greatly benefit them.


Sina Weibo introduces premium charge


Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, has introduced a membership charge for premium features, aimed at its 300 million users.


The site has added 15 premium features and will charge users around $1.50 for each of them. Analysts say it is “unlikely” that Twitter will follow suit.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 95.51 points, or 0.8%, to 12,837.33. The Australian dollar was up to US101.88 cents.


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