THE NEWS WRAP: Thousands attend carbon tax rallies

Thousands of people attended rallies over the weekend across Australia to show support for the Government’s proposed carbon tax.


Around 8,000 attended a rally in Sydney, with a further 10,000 showing up in Melbourne. There were also gatherings in Brisbane and Perth. Speakers at the events called for action on climate change, as well as larger investment in renewable energy.


News Ltd to set out paywall plan


News Ltd is set to lay out its plans to charge for its online content this week, in a bid to boost revenue.


The media giant is set to replicate the paywalls it has erected in the US and UK. The Times in Britain charges around $1.50 a day for access, while the Wall Street Journal in the US costs $1.99 a week.


Google to phase out browser support


Google has announced that it is phasing out support for older browsers from August 1.


The search engine giant said that people who use IE7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5, and older versions of these browsers, will lose some of their functions when viewing Google. Figures suggest that around 17% of people will have to switch.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 97.29 points to 12,151.26. The Australian dollar jumped to 107.17 US cents.


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