Explained: Does Victoria’s new vaccine mandate apply to my business?

Daniel Andrews vaccine mandate

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Source: AAP/Erik Anderson.

The Victorian government has significantly expanded vaccine requirements for businesses as the state continues to grapple with a COVID-19 Delta outbreak.

On Friday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said any business that has been operating onsite despite coronavirus restrictions will be subject to a new vaccination mandate.

Workplaces range from dry cleaners to click-and-collect retail stores and are expected to include about 1.25 million Victorian workers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules.

What businesses does Victoria’s new vaccine mandate apply to?

The new vaccination requirements will apply to all workplaces that the government considers authorised providers.

Authorised providers include any business that has been able to open in areas under lockdown, such as grocery and pet stores.

The full list is available on this Victorian government webpage and includes:

  • shops that sell food and groceries;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • bottle shops;
  • financial institutes;
  • court services and political offices;
  • post offices;
  • child health and care services;
  • schools;
  • news agents;
  • pharmacies;
  • petrol stations;
  • mechanics;
  • construction sites;
  • pet stores;
  • veterinary clinics and zoos;
  • meat processing plants;
  • click-and-collect services;
  • locksmiths;
  • car parks and car wash premises;
  • laundry and dry cleaners;
  • pool and spa maintenance service provider; and
  • hair clinics servicing clients with medical certificates.

When do workers need to be vaccinated by? 

Any employee completing authorised work must have their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by Friday, October 15 to continue working onsite.

Workers then have a further six weeks, until November 26, to have their second dose.

Does the vaccine mandate apply to all of Victoria? 

The new mandate covers the entire state including metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

What if my industry already has a vaccine mandate?

Construction businesses, schools and healthcare organisations are already subject to vaccination mandates and the original timeline for those rules still apply.

For example, construction workers must have had at least one dose of a vaccine in order to work onsite from Tuesday, October 5.

What if I run a business on the authorised list and I’m not in lockdown?

Anyone on the list of authorised providers or workers must comply with the new vaccination rules, regardless of whether they are located in a locked-down area.

Do businesses that can operate remotely have to comply?

No, the vaccine mandate only applies to businesses and authorised workers who work onsite.

Are there any exceptions to Victoria’s vaccine mandate?

Workers who have received a medical exemption from an authorised health professional will be able to continue working onsite without receiving a vaccine. More information about medical exemptions are available at this Services Australia webpage.

In some other circumstances, a business can allow an unvaccinated worker to complete onsite work.

These “exceptional” circumstances include when a worker needs to provide urgent medical care, attend the premises to respond to an emergency or perform urgent work to protect assets.


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Citizen Truth
Citizen Truth
10 months ago

It may be important to note that there are many legal challenges to this. Business can face litigation from employees as can business owners who refuse service to people based on this. A sweeping mandate is not a law so making out it is set in stone is not showing both sides of this debate… Its a nightmare for business. This so called “mandate” goes against Victoria’s charter of human rights, our State and Federal Constitution, privacy laws and it involves government and business inserting themselves between the relationship between a person and their doctor which is against the Numerburg Code. Our Prime Minister has also said this has not been made mandatory for anything other than aged care workers at this stage out of National Cabinet. Fair Work also has a lot to say about this so I wouldn’t take it as gospel if you want to protect your business.

joyce sullivan
joyce sullivan
10 months ago
Reply to  Citizen Truth

My husband and I own a post office in Geelong. We are both against the Covid 19 Vaccines and have done our due diligence by researching the efficacy of these injections and find in recent research from Israel and England that it is the Vaccinated that is spreading this so called “virus”. Now we have this madman of a Premier politically trying to score pints with Mandates that make no sense. We are both in our seventies and do not know where to turn.

10 months ago

Beauty industry?

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott
10 months ago
Reply to  Scott

It appears to say hair clinics nothing on beauty….?

10 months ago

So, to the brain washed masses it is ok:-
For the Government to fail in it’s duties to protect our borders and allow the Delta strain into the country / Melbourne.

Then because the government cannot protect us from their own incompetence we are locked down more than any other city on the planet.

Then people are told they are selfish if they do not accept staying locked down, even though we have been locked down for more than any other humans.

Then it is ok to shoot at Melbourne tax payers with rubber bullets (made of 80% metal)
when they complain about being locked down over and over,, 6 times, and it won’t be the last.

Being coerced into getting a experiential mRNA vaccine jabs which have never in history been used on humans, otherwise you will lose your job.

I am a nurse and my partner is a school teacher, we know this this is no longer about the science, it is political.

I have seen many non-vaccinated people fully recover. More recently I am seeing more and more vaccinated people coming in and are very sick. They are all old. Yet Dan Andrews says teachers have to be vaccinated to protect the kids, yet not one media outlet asks about the data to back this up.

The CDC has already said that the virus is mutating amongst the vaccinated and vaccines are becoming less effective. Look at Israel, Singapore, other highly vaccinated countries for proof

Only a dictator can mandate and forcefully vaccinate people whilst spending billions of tax payers money keeping us locked down and in check.

Wouldn’t it be better letting people decide themselves by following the science and be convinced naturally, without coercion ?

10 months ago

From what I have read about the Novavax vaccine it has little to no side effects and its efficacy is just as good if not better than these experimental ones that are being forced onto us as a mass experiment. I’m being forced to consider these vaccines which I don’t trust, my family suffers from blood clot problems, I lost my father due to a blood clot he developed after a procedure in hospital. I might have to walk away from my job and declare myself bankrupt.

10 months ago
Reply to  Phil

I’m sorry for your loss, I am looking towards no a vax also. I’m am however coerced to do so.

Farmer (ex?)
Farmer (ex?)
10 months ago

Interesting, not as widely applicable as they believe perhaps.
Sole traders with no employees are about to be dropped by the business assistance program, are they still businesses? The authorised worker permit system requires signing as both employer and employee… but many single person operations could not afford to employ themselves with requirements for minimum wage, super, workcover etc.
Eg. Farmers.
I’ll ignore it for a while, this year’s income has been cut to 10% by lockdowns and restrictions on my customers, and my harvest season is now over. I now get nothing until next winter…, there’s no reopening when your product has rotted.
So if anyone knocks on the door demanding vax status… i’m out of business. Currently deciding if I can risk a third season of restrictions and no export.

10 months ago

SO.. the chief health office advice No.6 issued 7/10/2021 only says 4 industries. Education/aged/health/construction. What about my manufacturing industry. My crazy company is trying to fire me. And that doesnt seem right if Andrews was misspeaking?

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