Ten small businesses selling reusable face masks in Australia


The Social Studio face masks are priced at $12

As wearing a face mask becomes the new normal, many of us want to find a way that we can make the necessary trend become a little more sustainable, and where possible, fashionable. 

Here are 10 businesses and organisations in Australia that are producing the coveted face mask sustainably: 

  1. The Social Studio 
  2. Gorman
  3. Second Stitch 
  4. SisterWorks 
  5. K-Lee Designs 
  6. Sonny + Duke
  7. Honest Studios
  8. Bitter Sports
  9. Papinelle Sleepwear
  10. Clear Collective 

The Social Studio 


The Social Studio face masks are priced at $12

The Social Studio describes itself as: “Part fashion school. Part retail space. Part production studio”. The Social Studio is made up of three separate fashion-based not-for-profit enterprises with the common goal of empowering Australia’s migrant and refugee workers through education and employment. Now The Social Studio is also producing and selling face masks at cost price: $12.00, including tax. The Social Studio restocks the masks every day at 9am. 

Get your Social Studio face mask here.



The Gorman face masks are $12 or five masks for $50

Gorman was founded in 1999 by Lisa Gorman and has 40 stores across Australia. The well-known brand, which generally sells female fashion, accessories and homewares, has pivoted to provide gingham face masks for those who are looking for a reusable, sustainable option. Gorman face masks range upwards from $12, or alternatively, you can get a pack of five for $50.

Get your Gorman face mask here.

Second Stitch 


Second Stitch face masks are priced at $18

Second Stitch is a not-for-profit social enterprise that celebrates the unique skills, traditions and stories of refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum. Second Stitch generally produces clothes, accessories, homewares and novelty gifts, but has now added face masks to its portfolio. The face masks are $18 and come in a range of colours and patterns.

Get your Second Stitch face mask here.



SisterWorks face masks are $18

SisterWorks is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Melbourne. SisterWorks’ mission is to support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants so they can improve their confidence, mental wellbeing, sense of belonging and economic outlook. SisterWorks re-stocks their selection of face masks at 7am every morning, and they cost $18.

Get your SisterWorks face mask here.

K-Lee Designs


K-Lee Designs face masks start at $20

K-Lee Designs is an Australian manufacturing company located in North Brisbane, which specialises in the design and creation of activewear, gymnastics wear, dancewear, leisurewear, bodybuilding wear and swimwear. More recently, K-Lee Designs has begun to design bamboo face masks in two styles with either an ear wrap or tie-up. The face masks come in black, white, navy and lilac and cost $20 each.

Get your K-Lee Designs face mask here.

Sonny + Duke


Sonny + Duke face masks are priced at $20

Sonny + Duke can be found on Esty producing scrunchies, baby bibs and more recently reusable face masks. The face masks are produced in Sydney. They are 100% cotton, reusable and washable. All 131 reviews of the masks have five stars, and the reusable cotton masks are priced at $20.

Get your Sonny + Duke face mask here.

You can find more sellers of reusable masks on Etsy here.

Honest Studios


Honest Studio face masks come in at $25

Honest Studios is a Melbourne-based mother and daughter team that use surplus fabrics from fashion houses to create sustainable custom designs. Alongside female fashion pieces and accessories, Honest Studios now also produces face masks made from 100% scrap products. These reusable face masks checks off for sustainability and are priced at $25.

Get your Honest Studio face mask here.

Bitter Sports


Bitter Sports face masks are priced at $28

Bitter Sports is an accessory brand that was originally founded with a quest to craft the “perfect on-the-go bag”. The small business creatively updates it’s material and colours on a regular basis so that customers can source truly bespoke products. Today, Bitter Sports is also producing and selling face masks in a range of colours and styles, starting at $28.

Get your Bitter Sports face mask here.

Papinelle Sleepwear


Papinelle face masks are priced at $39.95

Papinelle is an Australian sleepwear and lifestyle brand based in Paddington, Sydney. Papinelle was created and launched in 2003 by Renae James, who specialises print design, with a mission is to bring style, comfort and luxury to the bedroom through its designs. In the new normal, this luxury has been produced via their new range of silk face masks that are priced at $39.95. While the masks are currently sold out, it is possible to set up an email notification for when the face masks are restocked.

Get your Papinelle face mask here.

Clear Collective 


Clear Collective face masks start at $49.95

Clear Collective’s objective has always been to provide pollution filtering face masks. Clear Collective was founded near Bilpin, NSW, in the Blue Mountains, following a series of bushfires that left people wanting to stay indoors. The Clear Collective masks are suitable for cycling, running and other sports when looking to filter out pollutants in the air. The face masks either come with valves to prevent condensation or without valves, and there are suitable sizes for both adults and children. Prices start at $49.95.

Get your Clear Collective face mask here.

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