JobKeeper reminder: Pay your wages by tomorrow or miss out on your April subsidies

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Employers hoping to claim JobKeeper subsidies for April wages will first need to ensure those workers are paid by tomorrow, Friday, May 8.

The deadline for employers to be reimbursed for JobKeeper fortnights in April is closing in, meaning firms which haven’t paid their workers by tomorrow will be unable to claim back payments for the periods starting March 30 and ending April 26.

The deadline for back payments on the third of 13 Jobkeeper fortnights (April 27 to May 10) is also closing in and will be due on Sunday, May 10.

Payroll must be processed for all three of these periods by the start of next week if an employer wants to claim JobKeeper subsidies for the six weeks from March 30, when the scheme was initially announced, to May 10.

That equates to $4,500 per enrolled worker, regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time or an eligible casual.

You can find a full list of the JobKeeper fortnights and payment deadlines here.

Employers that have already made applications will only be eligible to receive JobKeeper reimbursements if their nominated workers are paid by these deadlines (May 8 and May 10).

From Monday, May 11, the fourth JobKeeper fortnight will officially start and will run to May 24, carrying a May 24 payment deadline.

There has been considerable scrutiny over the ability of businesses to front up April wages in recent weeks, prompting the Morrison government to rope in the major banks to fast-track debt finance to firms struggling to pay their bills.

An Australian Bureau of Statistics survey published earlier this week found 8% of firms that had decided not to apply for JobKeeper did so because of insufficient cashflow.

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