Friday 20 April

Today on StartupSmart, we explain why customer focus isn’t just about defining your ideal consumers and obsessively targeting them.

As business advisory guru Marc Peskett explains, customers look for products and services that fulfill “jobs” in their lives. What demographic they are and why they choose your products is secondary to this.

Today, Peskett gives his five top tips on how your business can focus on the tasks customers need to fulfill – whether that’s putting up a shelf or looking better – in their lives.

Elsewhere, legal eagle James Omond has some advice on how to deal with a non-paying customer and we round up the best of the web’s business articles in Weekend Reads.

Finally, do you need help cashing in on the one bright spot in the retail landscape – online sales?

We are running a FREE webinar with web guru Fred Schebesta on May 24 on how to put the internet at the heart of what you. To register, click here.


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