Friday 6 July

Some of Australia’s largest retailers may give the impression that online shopping is a new and fiendishly complex puzzle, but the sector’s formative years were in the late 1990s.


In 1999, Megan Quinn co-founded what was to become one of the world’s premier shopping destinations – Net-A-Porter.

The online landscape may have shifted considerably since then, but the start-up lessons garnered from the venture remain pertinent to Australian start-ups hoping to grab a slice of the $11.3 billion market.

In a visit to Melbourne this week, Quinn outlined her business philosophy. Today, we pick out her five most valuable pieces of advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Elsewhere, we have news on Australia’s lopsided growth in insolvencies, identify 10 must-have apps for mumpreneurs and tech entrepreneur Fred Schebesta explains why Google is the only search engine you should be concerned about.


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