Thursday 12 July

When you’re starting a business, reaching $1 million in revenue may appear to be an attainable, if somewhat distant, target.


However, many businesses run out of steam before hitting this mark, finding it impossible to break into the seven-figure bracket.

As business advisory guru Marc Peksett explains today, the passion and drive of entrepreneurs can push a start-up to a certain point, but surging past $1 million is a major challenge.

Peskett warns: “It’s at this point that the business reaches a critical juncture where it needs to grow rapidly or face a period of pure existence, followed by eventual decline.”

So how can you breeze past the $1 million pain point? Today, Peskett unveils his six essential tips.

Elsewhere, we have 20 steps to ensuring a decent work/life balance if you’re a sole trader and HR consultant Martin Nally explains where to get some leadership inspiration.


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