Thursday 26 July

Effective leadership is a common thread among successful businesses, but it can also be one of the most intangible assets you will possess.


So, what makes a great leader? According to business advisory guru Marc Peskett, there are 10 key qualities that every start-up leader must possess, ranging from vision and knowledge to integrity and good gut feel.

Today, Peskett outlines each of the 10 parts that make up a great leader. Which aspects do you embody and which do you need to improve upon?

Adelaide entrepreneur Sue McKay isn’t a shoddy leader herself, having started and run five separate businesses at once. Today, she explains how her multiple home-based businesses forced her to look for commercial premises.

Also on StartupSmart, we have advice on how to spruce up a drab workplace and have news on the Australian clean tech start-ups that are primed for the big time.


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