Tuesday 1 May

Today on StartupSmart, we take a closer look at a Silicon Valley catchcry that is beginning to take hold among Australian start-ups – “pivoting.”


To its proponents, it’s an ideal way to quickly identify flaws in your business strategy and swiftly realign. To its detractors, it is simply a fancy way of dressing up flaws in the planning of a new business.

We outline both sides of the argument, and provide some top tips on how you should go about changing your start-up’s direction, should you decide that pivoting is the best option for you.

Elsewhere, business advisor Brad Callaughan reassures a reader who is concerned that their sales income doesn’t match their capital investment and we have news from ilab, the latest Aussie start-up incubator of the rank.

Finally, do you fancy being in the running to win an iPad? If so, simply complete our StartupSmart reader survey.

It won’t take up much of your time and will help us provide an even better news and advice resource for your start-up business. To complete the survey, click here.


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