Tuesday 24 April

Starting a business requires energy, innovative thinking and an eye on the long-term.

This leads many entrepreneurs to hire relatively young teams, in the hope that they will provide new thinking in the short-term, along with long-term loyalty.

This strategy overlooks the vital role that older workers can play in start-ups. If you need another incentive to go grey, the government announced last week that it is to provide $1,000 to firms taking on over-50s.

Today, we outline the five steps you should be taking if you want to tap into the pool of seasoned veterans who can help take your start-up to the next level.

Elsewhere, investment guru Steve Torso has some wise words of advice for anyone looking to squeeze some extra cash out of their backer and in the latest of her video interviews with leading female entrepreneurs, Orsi Parkanyi chats to Shoppingbird founder Natalie Müller.


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