Tuesday 25 October

Oliver MilmanYoung, upstart entrepreneurs are nothing new. In 1971, a 21-year-old Richard Branson spent a night in prison for tax evasion, requiring his mother to put up her house as security for bail.

But in a world of falling start-up costs and a generation not happy to work endless hours for someone else, a new breed of young entrepreneurs are starting to emerge.

Today, we have recognised these innovative, tech-savvy business builders in our inaugural Future Makers list, where we’ve picked out 25 of the leading up-and-comers in Australia.

So, who have we selected as the best entrepreneurs aged under 25? Read our list to find out. Just make sure to remember where you saw them first.

Elsewhere today, we profile Paws for Life, a start-up pet food business with a difference, and mentor Phil Alexander has the inside word on the questions investors will fire at you in a pitch situation.


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