Tuesday 6 March

Oliver MilmanGiven that around two-thirds of Australian small businesses still don’t have websites, it’s perhaps no surprise that many have also yet to get to grips with social media.

Even so, recent research that suggests that just a quarter of businesses with Twitter accounts respond to customer queries via the medium highlights a huge missed opportunity.

We have talked ot the experts to compile five essential things you need to do to engage with customers via social media. Don’t let them get cosy with your rivals by failing to heed these lessons.

Elsewhere, HR guru Vicki Crowe has some tips on how to motivate your staff and we talk to the founders of Invention Evaluator, a business that helps budding entrepreneurs analyse their start-up ideas.

Finally, we have partnered with ANZ to put together a fantastic free eBook that outlines 10 top tips from Australia’s leading sales gurus. To download it, click here.


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