Wednesday 1 August

Ask any investor what the key factor is when putting money into a business and you will invariably hear two words: “The people.”


The lure of acquiring new businesses in order to access the talented people that lead them has led to the trend of “acqui-hiring” taking hold in the US and, increasingly, Australia.

But, as a start-up entrepreneur, how do you decide whether to take the money and sign up to a larger business’ vision or battle on by yourself in order to retain control of your own destiny?

Today, we speak to start-ups that have been acquired about why they did it, as well as get the lowdown from one business on why it has repeatedly rebuffed takeover offers.

Meanwhile, marketing guru Mike Halligan explains how to work out your online advertising spend in order to attract overseas customers and we have the news of a start-up that ran the gauntlet of an Innovation Bay pitching dinner and came out with $600,000.


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