Wednesday 2 May

Having your business endorsed by a celebrity may appear to be a fanciful dream if you’ve only recently started trading.


But it is possible for small, largely unknown, businesses to elbow their way into the limelight by convincing a well-known face to promote its product or service.

Today, we speak to the experts to get some essential tips on how to lure a celebrity ambassador, as well as how to ensure the whole exercise doesn’t horribly backfire.

Elsewhere, we have news on the latest Aussie start-up to make a mark on Silicon Valley and sales guru Debra Templar has some words of advice for a retailer that saw its Easter promotion fall flat.

Finally, do you fancy being in the running to win an iPad? If so, simply complete our StartupSmart reader survey.

It won’t take up much of your time and will help us provide an even better news and advice resource for your start-up business. To complete the survey, click here.


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