Five women set to disrupt their industries

feature-4-ladies-200Across a growing number of industries – from information technology to healthcare to architecture – female entrepreneurs are shattering glass ceilings and disrupting the status quo. Here are five women who are set to disrupt their industries in 2013:


1. Caroline Pidcock, Pidcock: Architecture+Sustainability

Caroline Pidcock’s sustainable architecture company looks set to expand in 2013 as Australia comes to grips with increasingly unpredictable weather and natural disasters such as floods and fires.

Pidcock has been committed to green design and development since launching her multi-award winning architecture company in 1992. In 2013, she’s increased the scope of her work by producing kit homes. “We are looking forward to getting our House of Parts kit home into production,” Pidcock tells Women’s Agenda. “This will address the needs of many people looking for flexible, fast and sustainable solutions to housing.”

Pidcock’s role on the Living Futures Institute of Australia board and the Greening Australia NSW board will continue to inform and inspire her designs.


2. Katrina Allen, Social Callout

Katrina Allen has started several businesses during her career but her latest, Social Callout, is easily one of her favourites.

“Social Callout is one of the best ideas I’ve worked on because it provides such a simple, easy solution for brands wanting to connect with bloggers and the other way round too,” she explains.

Social Callout is an online system and network that offers brands the opportunity to post call outs for reviews, and gives bloggers the space to search for goods and services to cover in their blogs. As one of the first Australian businesses harnessing the growing influence of the booming blogosphere, Allen is watching the three-month-old business take off.</>

“I like systems, and this is a system that allows you to achieve coverage that is not humanly possible in traditional PR,” says Allen. “We’re right at the tip of what will become the next big thing.”


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