Jobs on Jobs

An old video gem sees Apple’s Steve Jobs hold court on adoption, design and death.

This week I read a piece of criticism on the music industry, which argued that it has been revolutionised by YouTube.

For musicians and music lovers, the site is a treasure trove. When you hear how band A is influenced by band B, you simply hop on line and within seconds you can have a potted history of both groups, complete with songs, video clips and rare concert footage.

But YouTube is not just entertainment treasure trove. Smart entrepreneurs who want to get across the latest ideas, or dig into the backgrounds of leaders or get inspiration can also get lost on YouTube.

And so it was that I stumbled across this gem of a video, which features Apple chief Steve Jobs addressing students at a graduation ceremony at the US university of Stanford.

The speech takes you through Jobs’ difficult upbringing through to the establishment of Apple and then on to his dumping from the company and subsequent return.

There’s stuff in here I didn’t know about Jobs – particularly about his early life – but it’s his lessons on business building that are most interesting.

Enjoy, and spend some time trawling the treasure trove for yourself.


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