Dexus Brainwaves Art Installation

Installation closes 22 November 2019
North Sydney

Dexus Brainwaves Art Installation

The Dexus Brainwaves installation detects users’ brain activity to create a personalised artwork projected onto the 16-metre lobby screen, and is designed to showcase how workspaces impact productivity.

Research tells us how visual arts impact our wellbeing, revealing that exposure to the arts can reduce anxiety and depression, and increase feelings of wellbeing and social inclusion.

Art is an increasingly important consideration for property experts Dexus which is launching its ‘Brainwaves’ art installation this month. Dexus is inviting users to enter the installation and focus on a moment of mindfulness.

Using cutting edge brainwave detection wearables, you will be able to see your brain activity transformed into pulsing and colourful artwork on the 16-metre lobby video wall.

Find out what your brainwaves look like and visit 100 Mount Street, North Sydney. 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday from now until 22 November 2019.

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