Digital Life: The Law Playing Catch-Up

Monday 30 July 2018 – 12-1pm

Digital Life: The Law Playing Catch-Up

How flaky is your business when it comes to privacy online? How do you protect your devices? Is your website or app compliant with Australian law?

Join Michael Perkins, Guy Thornycroft and James D Ford for an informative round-table discussion on varying aspects of Australian law in the digital space. They will discuss key issues and explain key terms for business and commercial enterprises, when dealing with digital assets and privacy.

Topics include:
– ‘Notifiable Data Breach Scheme’ and Productivity Commissions Report
– Legal jurisdictions
– Security of devices within a business
– Cookies, Privacy Policies, etc.
– Advice for management and security
– Website terms and conditions
– Legally compliant email/ sms marketing campaigns

The webinar is designed for any business owner or modern professional who wants to know more about the digital economy.

Don’t worry if this all seems like too much information to deal with! The webinar is here to help break down the complexity of terms and discuss the practical application of policies in business. Don’t miss out on this important webinar! And best of all. It’s FREE.