Disruptive Innovation 2018

disruptive innovation 2018
7-10 August 2018
Dockside - Cockle Bay Wharf, Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

Disruptive Innovation 2018

Gartner research shows nearly 60% of CEOs cited ‘innovation’ as the number one priority for 2018. Is your company ready to compete in a rapidly evolving commercial environment?

Disruptive Innovation 2018 will help you and your organisation understand the opportunities and challenges businesses face in a growing digital economy.

Across four days, the conference will bring together leading business executives and innovation experts to shed light on how to lead in the digital economy. With in-depth case studies on innovation strategy, emerging and disruptive technology, and the future of business, learn more about how to prepare your organisation for rapid transformation and stay competitive in the innovation arena.

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