The New Hustle – premiere event

Tuesday 22nd August
ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne

The New Hustle – premiere event

The New Hustle is an inspiring, humorous feature-length documentary that follows the personal journey of three of Australia’s most successful startups – Canva, Vinomofo and Safety Culture. In a world where the vast majority of startups fail, the film explores what makes this group of founders different.

Directed by Emmy Award winner Patrick Moreau and music by Duncan Thum (Chef’s Table), the documentary features raw anecdotes and eye-opening interviews with Safety Culture’s Luke Anear, Canva’s co-founders Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht and Vinomofo co-founders Andre Eikmeier and Justin Dry, as well as insightful commentary from renowned Silicon Valley VC, Rick Baker (Blackbird Ventures).

This special screening will be accompanied by an audience Q and A with some of the founders featured, and promises to be an entertaining, engaging evening for anyone immersed or interested in the world of startups and entrepreneurialism.

**All proceeds from the ticket sales of this event will be donated to Code Club Australia.

Tickets $10


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