IWD 2020: Taking action: Return to work after leave

12.30pm, Friday, March 6
General Assembly, Melbourne CBD

IWD 2020: Taking action: Return to work after leave

Did you know retaining your people during a leave of absence is something that can be influenced before they go on leave?

The biggest factor in creating a game plan to help your employees return to work after a period of leave (for example parental leave, carer’s leave, medical, career sabbaticals or other absences) is open and clear communication between all parties.

This session focuses on both sides of the equation; how to open lines of communication, tips to retain your talent after leave and how to transition back to work with success!

This workshop is a babes-in-laps friendly session with access to a private area for breastfeeding, microwave, and lifts for prams and pram parking.

This session will be valuable for business owners, HR managers, team leaders and senior executives as well as anyone currently on a leave of absence, planning a leave of absence or anyone curious to know how to be supportive of return to work needs in your workplace or business.

This session is part of GA Melbourne’s International Women’s Day programming 2-6 March 2020 — a whole week of panel discussion events, masterclasses and practical workshops to support and celebrate women’s careers, education and business ventures.

It is inclusive of all women (trans and cis), as well as non-binary and gender-non-conforming people, and we welcome all genders to join in. Everyone who supports education and the careers of women in business and tech is welcome to attend.


  • Four easy wins any manager of any level can implement to retain buy-in and motivation of employees on leave.
  • Case studies of successful return to work retention examples.
  • How employees can address confidence after time away from work.
  • The art of the ask. Articulating a game plan to present to your employer or manager(s), and how to balance business’s needs with your needs to succeed on your return to work.

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