Dick Smith employees are displaying a “tremendous sense of community” ahead of store closures

Dick Smith concessions in David Jones outlets to close

Dick Smith employees are displaying a “tremendous sense of community” after it was announced all of the electronic chain’s stores will close within the next eight weeks, according to one employee.

Dick Smith employees are planning to set up a Facebook group in order to publicise job opportunities with other companies.

SmartCompany also understands Dick Smith employees will soon be able to view job listings on the company’s intranet.

Dick Smith’s receivers announced a controlled store closure program last week after a suitable buyer for all or parts of the business was not found.

A fire sale commenced on Friday morning and prices are expected to be slashed further in a bid to shift any remaining stock.

Some products, like Apple computers and iTunes giftcards, are not subject to heavy discounting.

More than 2400 Australian employees will be affected by the store closures, however, staff are expected to be paid all outstanding entitlements once the company is wound up.

One Dick Smith employee told SmartCompany it is positive to see staff working together to ensure as many people as possible find work elsewhere.

Dick Smith’s receivers are also offering a free, confidential counselling service for staff members.

“Quite a few former staff members have posted in the existing [Facebook] groups about opportunities they know of,” the Dick Smith employee says.

“There’s this tremendous sense of community that’s sprung up amongst Dick Smith employees as everything’s gone to crap.”

The employee says while not everyone will get jobs straight away, they are confident many people will be able to get a fresh start thanks to the groundswell of support from the broader community.

Yesterday Flight Centre announced it is throwing Dick Smith employees a lifeline by offering them a fast-tracked job application process.

“I’m sure a few hundred [of us] at least should be able to find something in the next few weeks,” the Dick Smith employee says.


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