Dick Smith websites and customer databases up for grabs

Source: AAP / Joel Carrett

The receivers of Dick Smith have commenced a sale campaign for the electronic retail chain’s online divisions and intellectual property, including the chain’s website domains and customer databases.

In an advertisement in today’s edition of the Australian Financial Review, receivers Ferrier Hodgson called for urgent expressions of interest in the online divisions of the Dick Smith and Move businesses.

Ferrier Hodgson are also seeking buyers for Dick Smith’s brands and trademarks, customer databases and websites and domain names.

Potential buyers have until Friday, March 4 to express their interest in purchasing the assets.

The same campaign comes just days after Ferrier Hodgson announced all remaining Dick Smith stores will close over the next eight weeks after a buyer was unable to be found for the electronics chain.

Receiver James Stewart said in a statement last week the sales process did not result in “any acceptable offers for the group as a whole or for Australia or New Zealand as standalone businesses”.

“The offers were either significantly below liquidation values or highly conditional or both,” Stewart said.



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5 years ago

Hmm, wonder if they’re actually allowed to do this under privacy laws.