ARA slams “stupid” plastic ban

Shoppers at the soon-to-be-built $300 million Totem Centre at Balgowlah in Sydney’s northern suburbs will step into the first council-enforced plastic-free zone in the country.

The Manly Daily newspaper reports that according to an unprecedented set of conditions, all 60 retailers, including Coles, will be banned from providing plastic bags. They will also be banned from handing out food and drink containers made out of plastic or non-biodegradable foam.

The restrictions also mean that plastic coffee cup lids, dry cleaning cover bags and cups used by companies such as Boost Juice will not be permitted.

The Manly Daily says the plastic ban as a development consent was first developed by Manly Council in 2005, but the Totem development, on Sydney’s northern beaches, is the first to be forced to comply.

The executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, Richard Evans, slammed the council, saying not only would the ban cost retailers and customers but it was also just plain stupid.


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