Aussies prefer the sound of their own voices

If there is any marketing tip to be taken from the latest survey from the University of Sydney United States Studies Centre on Australians’ attitudes to the US, it is that Aussies prefer the sound of their own voices.

More than half of the 1200 Australians surveyed are pleased or somewhat pleased with the influence of American television, 56% are pleased with American sport, 60% are happy with American clothes, and 75% with American films. But about half said they were concerned about the impact of American language.

Murray Goot, visiting professor at United States Study Centre, said he was surprised by the finding. He says the finding suggests that in advertising messages it is important to use Australian language and accents.

The study, released today, also found that Australians are worried about the impact of US policies that influence climate change and US foreign policies, the influence of fast food, and its protective farm subsidies. Only 49% have a favourable view of the US system of government.

What we do like about America is its science and technology, art and literature and political freedom.


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