Australian point-of-sale software developer scores PR win as David Letterman visits New York Pie Face store

Australian franchise Pie Face was given a boost in popularity earlier this week when it was featured on David Letterman’s iconic late night talk show, but another Australian firm may be just as lucky.

Software development firm Task Retail Technology was noted in the eight-minute segment when Letterman pointed out the company’s display advertising – interactive menus that show off different messages and products to customers at the counter.

National sales manager Owen Scott says he was unaware the segment would feature the company’s technology, but welcomed it as Task Retail is trying to break into the United States as well.

“It was brilliant exposure for us. Even though we weren’t named, our point of sale terminals are there, we had those LCD customer displays showing off information about the company, and David Letterman just happened to notice it.”

{qtube vid:=1piv0oLJ6Gg}

Pie Face, which sells different varieties of meat and sweet pies, is expanding into the US and opened its first location right next to David Letterman’s studio – the show sometimes features nearby businesses.

It’s not known whether Pie Face paid for the spot as a PR exercise. Owen says he doesn’t know, but confirms Task Retail itself had no involvement. 

“I’m not sure whether it was PR, but we weren’t made aware of it until it happened. We just noticed it, and we thought it would be a good opportunity for us.”

Since the company is starting to expand anyway, Scott thought he’d try and get the word out, sending the clip to prospective clients. The feedback has been positive.

“Since we opened in the US last year, we’ve probably received about 200 affiliates interested in us. We’ve become popular, but this was a good boost. We sent it to our prospective customers for a bit of a laugh, but it’s been great. A really good response.”

“We’ve got two customers over there already, and this is a nice little addition to what we’re doing there.”

Pie Face has built up a substantial presence in Australia, with managing director Wayne Homschek overseeing the franchise that is now worth over $50 million. He is reportedly eyeing a listing for some time next year.

Homschek was contacted by SmartCompany, but was not available prior to publication. He intends on reaching 500 stores within Australia, along with pushing forward with the US expansion.


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