Australians see barriers to mobile web browsing

Australians are not rushing to use mobile phone internet services, citing it as costly and complex.

A new joint survey by Sony-Ericsson and 3Mobile of 653 Australians has revealed that 91% of respondents are prevented from accessing mobile web by barriers like price and usability.

This is despite 53% of participants saying they need internet access outside of work or the home.

The Sony Ericsson and 3Mobile survey claims that cheap and easy mobile web access would see 80% of respondents spend more time online – with 66% saying their internet usage would increase by up to four hours each week. Common uses of mobile web include search, emails, accessing breaking news and sports results.

The folks over at Gizmodo are taking the survey findings with a grain of salt: “The rest of the (survey) press release goes on to say how 3Mobile’s X-series isn’t expensive and Sony Ericsson’s K660i mobile phone is great for mobile internet browsing. Coincidence? Probably not,” state the tech watchers.

For a wrap of the pricing of major Australian mobile web providers have a look at IT Wire.



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