Bespoke mobile phones

Ever wanted to make your own mobile phone? Now you can, or at least get a factory in China to customise a mobile phone to fit your tastes, according to Springwise.

zzzPhone promises to make a phone according to your specifications in the factory near Shenzen in China and deliver it to you within 15 days, all for the starting price of $US149.

Keen customisers have the option of adding a wide range of snazzy features to their phone including a camera (up to seven megapixels), GPS, flashlight, stereo speakers, software, a touch screen, faster processors and internal memory of up to 4GB. Another interesting feature zzzPhone offers is to have two SIM card slots put in your phone – although why precisely you’d want to do that is a separate but intriguing question.

zzzPhone, which is a US company with manufacturing operations in China, is reportedly also moving into the wholesale market by building and shipping customised phones in bulk.


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