Best of the web: Take a chance on happiness; Make better decisions; Pay attention for a quality life

Take a chance: Lists on how to ‘do life better’ are abundant, but leading the way is the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Every few days the authors post about how to get wellbeing back into our busy lives, and they put forward great ways to be happier. In this post, ‘8 Chances Unhappy People Never Take’, Marc Chernoff contemplates the steps that unhappy people never take. He offers some good thoughts to consider as we go into the weekend.

Be decisive: In both business and general life, there are times when decisions confront us that prove hard. Each option may require a leap in a new direction, with the ramifications of each rather different.

In her article ‘Yes? No? Maybe? How to Make Decisions’, writer and life coach Martha Beck, a long-term columnist with Oprah magazine, gives her best advice on how to navigate through making up your mind when it feels like you can’t.

Pay attention: What you focus on becomes your reality, and in turn impacts your behaviour and decisions. For the Farnam Street Blog, Shane Parrish takes a good look at the idea of “attention” and how you can take more control over it for the benefit of your wellbeing and future.


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