Best of the Web: The cereal adultery of modern consumers

The cereal adultery of the modern consumer: Customers are increasingly fickle, according to Andrew Hill. He warns in the Financial Times that the same connectedness that makes it tougher for companies to avoid a disappointed customer and easier for them to identify a satisfied one is also making it harder to guarantee those customers will stay faithful.

Facebook turns 10: On the social network’s 10th birthday Bloomberg interviews Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The interview reveals Zuckerberg’s plans for Facebook and his personal ambitions. There’s some weird and wonderful facts in there – like Zuckerberg’s resolution in 2011 to eat only animals he had slaughtered himself.

Why Gen Z may be more entrepreneurial than Gen Y: Introducing Gen Z – born between 1994 and 2010 – a group comprised of high school students and younger. Dan Schwabel argues in Entrepreneur that Gen Z is poised to become the most entrepreneurial generation we’ve seen. Also considered “the internet generation”, this is by far the most tech-savvy, connected and self-educated group we’ve seen. While Gen Y is known for “side gigs” and having multiple careers, Gen Z is more focused on working for themselves: perfect entrepreneurial material.

Selling a firm? Why you may need to stick around after the deal: The Wall Street Journal reports on why sellers are choosing to stay involved with the business longer to make sure the transition goes smoothly. “It’s really a win-win because the seller can help the buyer retain clients, customers and vendors.”



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