Big differences in travel budgets from state to state

The average business traveller makes four business trips a year and spends about $200 a night on accommodation, a new survey has found.

But the survey, conducted by travel company, found there are big differences in the amount spent from state to state. Tasmanians have the tightest accommodation budgets, with just $125 to spend on accommodation each night.

At the other end of the scale, business travellers from the Northern Territory have a whopping $367 a night, with some respondents from the NT reporting they have spent $500 a night on a plush room.

Business people in the ACT make the most business trips each year, with an average of 16. Those in Tasmania and Western Australia are stuck at their desk, only making an average of three trips a year.

Most surprisingly, spokesperson Saskia Moon says: “Regardless of how frequently they travelled for business, 99% of respondents indicated that they enjoyed the travel component of their job and said they’d be keen to maintain or increase the frequency of their business travel.”

Who’s got the biggest budget?
According to state/territory of origin – listed smallest to largest. Figures based on state’s average.

  1. Tasmania ($125).
  2. Queensland ($168).
  3. South Australia ($182).
  4. Western Australia ($198).
  5. Australian Capital Territory ($211).
  6. Victoria ($248).
  7. New South Wales ($250).
  8. Northern Territory ($367).

Average number of business trips per year.
According to state/territory of origin – listed most to least.

According to state/territory of origin – listed most to least.

  1. Australian Capital Territory (16 trips).
  2. Victoria (9 trips).
  3. Northern Territory (7 trips).
  4. New South Wales (6 trips).
  5. Queensland (6 trips).
  6. South Australia (4 trips).
  7. Tasmania (3 trips).
  8. Western Australia (3 trips).


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