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One of Allmore Constructions’ first “brick” was of the mobile phone variety. But that – and a few other strategic tools – helped the company grow to a multi-million dollar concern. See the story.

See the video Gary Barker and Frank Scolaro of Allmore Constructions.

Gary Barker

The founders of Allmore Constructions are proud of the fact that they were able to establish their business without putting one brick of their own homes on the line.

Starting out with no more than good intent, Allmore Constructions is now a major player in the building industry in Victoria, and over the last 20 years has built turnover up to more than $40 million – and all this from a shoebox office with one carpenter, a project manager and two assistants.

Technology and machinery were the first of many strategic investments that were instrumental in getting Allmore off its start-up base and into the long climb up the growth chart.


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