Bringing a business back from the brink

VIDEO: Watch Cleanevent founder Craig Lovett tell how he made a very sexy success of a very unsexy business.

By Jacqui Walker

 Watch the video of Craig Lovett, founder of Cleanevent.

Craig Lovett (right) founded waste management company Cleanevent in 1987. After a near-death experience in 2001, Lovett persuaded the Liberman family to invest, enabling the business to recover and keep growing. Cleanevent now employs 350 full-time and 4500 part-time staff and turns over $100 million annually.

Learn Lovett’s secrets of success. He tells how he hires well, develops, motivates and retains people. “We are in the most unsexy business in the world, but we happen to do it in the sexiest places on earth!” he says.



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