Business looks to paperless stationary

A growing number of businesses are using e-brochures instead of the paper variety.

E-brochures are pretty much just normal business brochures but full of visuals, copy and logos – all created, viewed and distributed online.  lists the practical benefits:

  • Distribution: Responds quickly to requests. E-brochures can be sent as email attachments, linked or incorporated on a website. Creates a word-of-mouth effect, one potential customer forwards to another and so on.
  • Cost effectiveness: No more guessing numbers for your print run, then winding up too many brochures piling up in the stationary room. The cost of an e-brochure is fixed, whether you send out one or one million of them.
  • Interactivity: Boost the overall impact of your message by engaging your audience. Viewers can turn the pages, view video or listen to audio with a simple click of the mouse. Better yet, they can immediately place orders or request more information by clicking on embedded links.
  • Customization: Target your messages to specific audiences – harder with printed material.
  • Update and edit: It is simple, quick and cheap to adapt your message – like if product prices change.
  • Tracking: Collect data on who is downloading brochures, what is purchased and what links are followed hit.
  • Environmentally friendly: No trees or storage boxes.
  • Refreshes brand: E-brochures are smart and innovative: – leaves impression that your company is ahead of the curve and well-positioned for the future. Customers do business with savvy companies who literally think outside the box.



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