Check yourself out at Woolworths

Woolworths is set to become the first Australian retailer to install self-service checkout facilities across its national supermarket chain.

Following a successful trial in its Big W discount retail stores, Woolworths now plans to roll-out the self-service checkouts across its 700 supermarket chain.

According to newspaper reports today, Big W will spend around $100,000 per store to install self-service checkouts that allow customers to scan and pay for their groceries without the assistance of a cashier.

Woolworths reportedly plans to have self-service checkouts installed in 70 supermarkets by July this year, with other suitable stores to receive their facilities over the rest of 2008 and 2009.

A positive customer response to the trial of self-service checkouts in the smaller Big W chain provided the basis for their wider roll-out across the supermarket chain.

As well as paying for their groceries, customers will be able to purchase mobile phone top-ups and withdraw cash by Eftpos from the self-service checkouts.

Coles has also conducted a trial of self-service checkout facilities but is yet to say if it plans to proceed with a chain wide rollout.


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