Click, choose, cheers!

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and now online distributor is making sure it is the city that never goes hungry or without a beverage.

The website works with a network of delis, liquor shops and bodegas to ensure time-poor Manhattan residents can wine and dine in class without leaving their apartments.

Wakozi caters to the advanced food and beverage tastes of Manhattan, taking orders for their favourite bordeaux, bagels and brie.

The site essentially works as a portal for smaller Manhattan outlets to access a large search engine and online customer base. Stocking and delivery are still left with those best equipped to handle it.

As Springwise tells us, the folks behind Wakozi seem to have learnt from the host of failed web 1.0 merchants.

During the 1990s online retailer Kozmo managed to raise US$250 million in venture capital before crashing and burning in the tech wreck at the start of the next decade.

Wakozi is unique and avoids some previous traps;

  • It does not hold an inventory.
  • Does not employ delivery staff.
  • Offers niche selective products.
  • Easy-to-use website.
  • Tech savvy area where people are comfortable with e-tailing.

As founder Rob Rizzo explains: We don’t hire delivery guys or stock any of our own inventory — instead we work with the stores in your neighbourhood who already have all the stuff you want and can get it to you the fastest. Right now we’ve got stores in every neighbourhood in Manhattan and we’ve initially knocked out what we think everyone cares about most – booze.”


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