Deal of the day to make even more money

In 2006, the internet version of the spruiker hit our computers with people flocking to a website for the deal of the day, selling items at a huge discount. was the inspiration for a number of Australian versions, such as Zazz.

The latest version of deal of the day is New York-based Ideeli, which is due to launch next week, reports Springwise. It is aimed at the female market and found yet more ways to monetise its site.

Unlike Woot, Ideeli is a member-only site and new users need an invitation to sign up. Members are alerted by email when sales start. The more you pay, the better the service. Premium (1st Row) members also receive a mobile phone alert and have access to sales one hour earlier than 2nd Row members. And 1st Row members pay $US7.99 per week, billed to their mobile. While in testing mode over the past six months, 10% of members chose to sign up for 1st Row access.

Ideeli also takes advertising with sponsors providing products for weekly give aways or pay to have Idelli put their sample products in with customer purchases.


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