Employees hours may change

Daylight savings time had a profound impact on business. Now the Victorian Government is proposing to change the office hours of many Victorians in an attempt to ease the pressure on public transport and clogged roads.

The Herald Sun reported this morning that thousands of CBD workers will change their office hours under a plan that will start the work day earlier or later.

The plan apparently is the brainchild of Premier John Brumby and based on a program run in Houston, Texas in 2006.

The report says major companies including Telstra, NAB, ANZ and Melbourne Water plus government departments have signed up to allow staff to start work from 7am and finish earlier or start at 10am and finish at 6pm.

The plan also encourages workers to skip lunch breaks and work only four and a half days a week or even work from home one day a week.

Is it a good idea? Would it affect your business? Will it be good for your employees? Is it likely to spread to other states? Most importantly are there coffee shops open at 6.45am?

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