Forget inspiration, what about nagging?

Pay-per-click may have been the big business model revolution of recent years, but now a US business is pushing ahead with a new model that could go just as big – pay-per-nag.

According to Springwise, Texas business ConnectWorks Media is seeking to provide a service to that large group of people who want to get fit but find that while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

The service, WeightNags, provides users with just that little bit of extra motivation to get off the couch and start sweating. Fitness wannabes can sign up to a free service that provides them with a weekly email giving them a good old nag to start exercising.

For those who need the full works, however, a premium nagging service can be bought for $US4.95 per month. That gets them the email and a personalised weekly nag over the phone – that’s a whole lot of nagging.


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