Frankenstein iPhone

feature-franken-200When Apple released the iPhone 4S last year, many people had been hoping for the iPhone 5. If you are one of those people, you are about to be granted your wish, maybe.

The rumours about what to expect with the latest of the iPhone lines has been running rampant since the release of the iPhone 4. The first rumour is about the date it will become available.

First it was June, then October and now it seems you may be able to buy the new phone on September 12, 2012, or wait, is that September 21, or 22; You will just have to wait and see.


iPhone predicted by

NFC or no NFC

Another rumour that keeps changing, almost by the hour, is whether or not the device with have Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. At this point, the rumour says there will not be room for the special chip needed for this feature. If you were planning on starting a two-player game by simply touching your friend’s device, do not hold your breath.


If there is not going to be enough room for the NFC chip, it brings questions that claims the iPhone 5 is going to be bigger than previous models. But then the rumours say it is going to be taller, thinner yet with a bigger screen. It must be that the chip is too wide to fit in the narrower space. Part of the reason for a thinner model is due to the new covering over the touch screen; it is not going to be the thick glass you are used to but something much thinner. The new touchscreen will not have sensor, but liquid crystal technology. Whether it is going to be four inches tall or five inches tall remains to be seen.


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