Get paid to watch ads

We are accustomed to getting entertainment or services for free in return for putting up with advertising, but a new mobile service is taking that idea to the next level by offering to pay people for watching ads.

According to Springwise, a Belgian company called Pumbby launched last month that offers to pay mobile phone users €0.44 for each ad they are willing to have sent to their phone and view.

Users simply sign up for Pumbby online, indicate which network they use and how many ads they are willing to receive each day to a maximum of 10, and away they go.

Pumbby users can’t simply sign up for the ads and delete them – if they want to get paid, they’ve got to open the messages and look at the ads.

Once they do, however, they get the cash, which can then be used to pay their mobile bill, buy DVDs, books or movie tickets, or just be deposited directly into their bank account. 


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