Google moves into travel

Expedia Google Maps

Google has joined forces with Expedia to give travel planning an interactive edge.

Tech savvy travellers will be able to globe hop on Google Maps and book accommodation “on the spot”. The Google Maps browser has integrated the travel booking function of Expedia into its online atlas.

Expedia brings an inventory of over 70,000 hotels throughout the world to Google maps – all rated on a five star scale.

Budding travellers will be allowed to have a virtual trek through a city before determining the best location to stay. Nicolas Chu, director of website and product development at Expedia, believes this will ease travel planning.

“When you’re looking at specific hotels and you are not familiar with the location, it can be quite painful,” he told The Australian Financial Review.

Google expects a full-line of travel services to be linked to its popular Maps product. Among those will be user-generated reviews and tips from their personal journeys.



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